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Importing Quotations Question


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  • Camille Savory

    Hello {@005D000000AN6cmIAD}​, a good question!


    When importing a vendor quotation, products on the quotation do not first need to be added to that vendor if they already exist in the P&I system regardless of vendor, and the quotation includes their P&I system product ID number - upon importing the quotation, these products will automatically be attached to the additional vendor.


    If the product exists in the P&I system but the quotation does not include it's P&I system ID number, upon importing the quotation the product will appear on the 'Error Lines' tab (see below). Select the product, select reload, and it will then appear on the 'mismatched products' tab, where you can match it with the appropriate P&I system ID and select match products to attach the product to the vendor and import it's quotation.



    If the product does not already exist at all in the P&I system, so does not have a P&I system ID, you will not be able to add it directly from a quotation but must first create it.


    For more information on quotations, you can refer to the article 'Purchasing & Inventory Importing Quotations'.


    I hope this answers your question!








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