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  • Nina Hasell

    Hello @Elaine Reilly​,


    Many thanks for your query. At present it is not possible to see a vendors minimum spend within a purchase requisition, however it is possible to block the creation of the PO’s so that you will see a message on the screen at the time you are creating the PO’s advising that it does not meet a particular vendors minimum vendor value. At the stage you can revisit the PR to change the product vendor or add further items. If you currently do not see this message please contact support and they will be able to advise amending your configuration settings.


    If you would like to explore further the possibility of the minimum vendor values showing earlier in the process please contact your CSM who can raise a request on your behalf for this to be reviewed.




  • Elaine Reilly

    Hi Nina, thanks for the reply.  At the moment we have a warning message set up.  If a requisition has more than one vendor on it and just one vendor is below minimum spend if you go back to the requisition to amend it will it stop all PO's creating until the requisition is complete?

  • Mark Whitmore

    Hi @Elaine Reilly​ ,


    If you edit and resubmit a requisition for approval then the PO's for the other vendors won't have been created until the entire requisition is approved.


    I hope that helps.






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