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On the engage app, what kind of things would show a notification? As it's showing there are 2 notifications but there is nothing there?



  • James Hughes-Tranter

    Hi Callum,


    Thank you so much for your post - this is actually a recognised defect that is under investigation with our technical support team.

    Within Engage, there are various different things that would display as a notification, such as;


    • New Announcements.
    • Messages.
    • Someone tagging you in a post.


    The issue here is all notifications are registering, hence why you have a bubble informing you of the notifications (2) - but are failing to actually display on the page - I call them Ghost Notifications!


    If you would like to keep updated on the progress of this issue, please feel free to raise a case with technical support.

    Either yourself or the designated individual(s) in your business can do this. Simply select your name on the top right corner of the Customer Community, and select the 'Raise a Technical case' from the drop-down options.


    All the best,

    James Hughes-Tranter


  • Anonymous User

    Dear Fourth is this still a defect or do notifications work now?


  • James Hughes-Tranter

    Hi @Victoria Heaps​,


    This should no longer be an issue for users, but if you are experiencing any issues - please do raise a technical case!


    All the best,

    James Hughes-Tranter

  • Shareen Gradwell

    Hi James


    This is still an issue and I can’t raise a technical case, who do I take this too! Not great with the current situation with Covid, really difficult to communicate with my team!




  • Hi @Shareen Gradwell​ 


    I am sorry to hear that you are unable to raise technical cases. I have given you the permission to do so via Communities.


    Please do let us know if you still have issues.







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