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Is there an option to change the Gender ...



  • Liam Thompson

    Thanks - could you suggest where this specifically is recorded in Fourth? I am concious of the HMRC position, however we should also be concious of potential discrimination claims due to a risk of people who may feel excluded if the official field is not included as an option for those that don't identify as a binary male/female form. Appreciate this needs to be balanced with HMRC requirements - but important it is brought to the forefront (as there is current employment case law).



  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    Hi @Liam Thompson​,

    Great question! At the moment we only have the option for male/female. It is something we have been looking at here but HMRC require male/female currently so until this legal requirement is changed, we are unable to reflect this in the system. Until changes to HMRC requirements are amended to reflect non binary perhaps your HR team could find a way to reflect this elsewhere within the employees HR file? Perhaps the comment functionality could help with this?


    I hope this helps?



  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    sorry there should have been more to this post! Another useful report is 'Employee Comments' from the Reports drop down in HR, thanks!

  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    Hi @Liam Thompson​ ,


    I appreciate your concern, we suggest this is something that is managed at site level until changes are reflected on the portal. If you do wish to record it within the system, the only suggestion I have in this instance is creating a new 'comment' type from the 'comment categories option' HR admin drop down and recording it against an employees file from the HR -employee HR info drop down in comments. To supplement this you can run the 'Employee History Report' and set the condition to 'comments.'


    I hope this helps,



  • Rebecca Smith

    Has this since been updated?

    Being conscious of increasing law and requests, is there a facility elsewhere so it is more obvious where team do not associate selves with male/female?

    We'd like to be able to record this, and being sensitive to their requests, not cause any offence.

    Thank you

  • Lucy Cunningham

    Hi {@005D0000009gO3oIAE}​ ,


    I’m afraid there have been no changes to the legislation, therefore we have been unable to enhance the system to allow identification other than male or female. To record this information against employees’ records we would recommend using the ‘Comments’ functionality. A comment category can be created in HR > Administration > Comment Categories, then within the employees’ HR record you can create a comment using this new comment category by going to Employee HR Info > Comments > Create A Comment.


    This can then be reported on using a HR Customised Report in HR > Reports > Customised Report, or using the Employee Comments report in HR > Reports > View Reports > Employee Comments > filter by location/division/category as required > Run Report.


    I hope this helps.


    Best wishes,




  • Rachel Sutton


    Is this still the case please?

    Thanks Rachel

  • Saskia Dykstra

    Hi Rachel Sutton,

    Yes, this is still the case.


  • Emma Darby


    Please can you confirm if/ when this will be updated? We are starting to get more requests for this coming through.


    The Gender Pay Gap reporting guidelines state that those who do not identify should be excluded: and we can't currently record this easily.






  • Billy Waters

    Hi Emma,


    I hope you are well. While we are still only able to capture Male/Female as Gender due to HMRC requirements, we have extended to Sensitive Information functionality to enable an employees choice of gender identity to be captured and reported on. Ful details at this link: 

    Many thanks



  • Sarah Powell

    I have just tried to access my sensitive information to make these changes for some of my team and I have the message that my portal is not configured to access this - please can you advise how I can access this?

  • Milan Horvath

    Hi Sarah Powell. This can be enabled by your portal Administrator in Global Settings.



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