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A question on from an question, I unders ...

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  • Saskia Dykstra

    Hello {@0053z00000C4KI9AAN}​ 


    Thank you for your question.


    That is correct and this has not been built into Fourth as the hours submitted via the rotas drive the calculation for Casual and Flexible workers.

    You will need to work out how many hours the employee would have worked, whether this is based on their average or agreed hours. Multiply that by 12.07% to get the casual hours.


    This can then be loaded into the system or entered as a minus figure through the front end for a week that has no rota or the rota is already submitted and is unlikely to be processed as this will create a holiday payment You will need to you the admin login to action this. Be mindful of this method, if hours are entered in a active/past rota this will be overwritten with a holiday record and the hour will be lost and if the rota is active the hour worked will not be paid.



    Saskia 📚




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