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How can we post a partial PO which is showing only as Auto closed.


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  • Jessica Sanderson

    Dear {@0053z00000AqBu2AAF}​ 

    Thank you for your question.

    You will find this entry in receiving corrections and this is where you can make your correction but there are a few steps to this.

    Step 1 Property > Administration > Receiving > allow multiple corrections in a closed period. (You will need the system administrator to do this step)

    Step 2 Click on Receiving corrections and enter in the PO number

    Step 3 Enter in the quantity of the receiving and apply the invoice, you cannot save here without posting the invoice.


    The reason you are having this issue is because the multiple receiving option was not used on the original receiving so I have attached an article for you explaining the purpose of multiple receiving.


    I hope this helps

    Kind regards




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