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A user is unable to access a template that was created by a former employee. What is causing this?


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  • Joshua Wright

    Hi {@005D000000ANIPQIA5}​ ,


    It is likely that this user does not have permission to access any templates other than his own, or where an administrator has specifically designated that he has permission.


    You have two options; either, go to Property > Setup > User Groups > Select Relevant User Group > Main Menu: Requisitions > Template Center > Tick: Template Administrator


    The second option is that a user with the permission above goes to Requisition > Template Center > All Templates > Select Template > Template Security > User Security and provides access to the user.


    If the user requires access to many templates and it would prove inefficient to add User Security on each template, you should grant them "Template Administrator" permissions. If these are few and far between, then you should add User Security as you go along.


    I hope this answers your question. Let me know if I can assist further 😀


    All The Best,




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