How to change hourly staff holidays?


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    Please can you confirm why you need to change this?


    Flexible holiday entitlement is calculated based on days entered on the rota over the past 12 or 26 weeks. It calculated the average days worked x 5.6 weeks giving the entitlement.

    New starters will default to 28 as there is no rota history, once a rota hes been submitted, the holiday will start to calculate and will reduce according if the employee does not work 5 days a week.


    If you are carrying over holiday, this should be managed by amending the Days remaining.

    This can be done by entering a holiday for the employee, however on the 2nd page a minus should be entered against the number.

    Once saved, the holiday entitlement will remain and the system will continue to calculate based on the employees average days, but they will have an additional day to take.

    Hope this helps.




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