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​General Release Notes: Adaco 4_6_79   R ...



  • Wilfred Castelino

    could you please let me know how to reverse pos sales processed in error?

  • Hi {@005D000000AKFPqIAP}​ 


    To enable this functionality to work, it will require a small change in the settings. Please read below for details of where the setting can be located and how, when switched on, the functionality works.


    Within Property > Set Up > User Groups > Recipe > POS Sales there is a new access right called Reverse POS Sales.


    This access right will be disabled by default. 


    Enabling this access right will allow a user who is assigned to the user group to reverse (cancel) POS sales.

    • Go to Recipes > Recipe Sales > POS Interface and select the Report Log tab
    • Search for batches of POS Sales which have been processed
    • Select a batch of POS sales to cancel and then use the Reverse Sales button


    The sales will then be cancelled and all sales revenues and inventory transactions relating to the POS sales batch will be removed.


    Please note: POS Sales within previous periods which have been closed cannot be reversed as inventory counts have been reported and locked at the period end and cannot be subsequently amended.​


    I hope this helps explain a little further.




  • Wilfred Castelino

    Thank you so much



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