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  • Cousin, Ruth

    Hi Paul

    Very sorry I think I am being a bit stupid but I am finding this confusing. I don't understand the 4th Absent day then says​ no waiting days?


    Please could you clarify how this works and what would I enter for no waiting days and 3 waiting days.


    Also I have lots of contracts (284!) do I need to go through them all and update this.


    Thanks, Ruth

  • Anonymous User

    Hi @Ruth Cousin​ 

    To clarify

    The 4th absent day (No waiting days) is used if you do not to pay CSP early. i.e, Eligibility for CSP is the same as SSP after 3 working days absent.

    This is the default so no action needs taking if you wish this to be the case.

    If you wish CSP to be paid early i.e the first, 2nd or 3rd day of the absence when SSP is not paid then one of the other options should be selected.

    If CSP if to be paid from the first day of absence ticking the box will default the drop down to 1st absence day. The employee will then be paid CSP on waiting days.

    I hope this helps




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