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WFM Release Note - Holiday Request Statu ...



  • Silvio Pelizza

    Hi Paul,


    This release looks great and can see the benefits of it.


    Can you let me know if employees would be able to see the reason a holiday is 'rejected' by their line manager?

    Also will the wording change be reflected in the holiday status report?




  • Paul Newsom

    Hi @Silvio Pelizza​ 


    Just waiting to hear back from Product Management on this. Will let you know asap.


    Thanks - Paul N​

  • Paul Newsom

    ​Hi again @Silvio Pelizza​ 


    It's a no on both I'm afraid. The rejection reason functionality has not changed and the holiday status report in HR & Payroll is not affected - the change is just for the mobile app to make the wording match My Schedule.


    Sorry no to have better news for you!


    Any other questions, please let us know.


    Hope you're well.


    Paul - N.


  • Cousin, Ruth



    I have check my mobile app. I have 7 days booked but I can't see the dates or the status of the dates requested.


    Please could you advise.​

  • Hi @Ruth Cousin​ 


    I just double checked quickly as this looks like more of a technical issue.


    For technical issues, I recommend for you to Raise a Technical Case with our Technical Support team.


    To do this, you can either escalate to the member(s) of your business who are responsible for raising cases with Fourth. Or if you are this person, you can select your name on the top right of the Customer Community and select the 'Raise a Technical Case' from the dropdown options.


    I hope this helps?


    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!





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