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Given the furlough functionality is stil ...


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    Sophie Waters

    Hi there,


    Thank you for your question. To process furloughed pay on weekly/hourly paid employees, you will need to work out what you are paying them and do a manual payment through payroll. This can be based on their contracted hours or average hours, and can be uploaded through the payroll module. You could create a new payment type of 'furlough pay' if needed, as this is what the employees will see on their payslip. If you have already worked that out, then that's great. If you use our bureau, your payroll specialist can help with the manual payments.


    The 'Furloughed Worker' functionality, even when released, won't make those manual payments in the payroll module but once we have the furloughed flag and average or contracted hours shown, we can then work on a report to help with the calculations for payroll.


    I hope that helps and please keep checking the Community for further updates.


    Many thanks,



    Solution Director

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