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Morning Team,   Is there any update how ...



  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Marta,


    Thank you for the question. We have released our furlough flag today, this is the first release in this area. Please refer to the release note here:


    In regards to rotas, there should be no hours for furloughed employees so you do not need to create and submit rotas. What you are paying the furloughed employees goes direct through payroll. You will need to calculate what you are paying hourly paid employees and do a manual payment into the payroll module. We are working on an export that will give you the information you will need for this and your reporting.


    For more information on how to process pay for furloughed salaried staff, please read our article here:


    Many thanks,


    Solution Director

  • Hi @Alan Eaton​ 


    Great question - You could create a ‘Furlough’ payment type and use this for loading the manual payments for hourly paid furloughed employees. We are working on a batch update function that will be released soon.







  • Alan Eaton

    In Relation to hourly paid employees - will this have to entered individually per employee or will there be any form of bath upload?


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