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Please note - the release date for this ...



  • Debbie Thomas

    Hi Paul,

    Will this be available on an upload?



  • Cristina Cirican

    Hi Paul,

    The government has announced that for the employees whose pay varies (flexible employees), the claim should be either:


    • the same month’s earning from the previous year
    • average monthly earnings from the 2019-20 tax year


    Will we be able to adjust the 12 weeks average generated by the system to 52 weeks once the portal is rolled forward?

    Thank you


  • Anna Greene

    Hi Sophie,


    in relation to Critina's question for flexible hourly paid employees, I am assuming you can use the average weekly earnings for 19/20 tax year?

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Cristina,


    At the moment the calculation will look at the holiday setting, so 12, 26 or 52 weeks. If you want to change this to 52 weeks you can do so, else this will adjust once the portals roll forward.


    Hi Debbie,


    The team is working on a batch update screen to assist with the furloughed status being entered. We are also planning an export to give customers all the information they need to make payments and for their reporting.


    Many thanks,



    Solution Director.

  • Jenny Wieland

    Can the information somehow be linked within the rota display?

  • Jenny Wieland

    Hi Sophie


    Thanks for your quick response. We are only using the Rota and HR module on Fourth (no payroll services), it is therefore imperative that we are able to see who of our workforce is placed on furlough - for payroll purposes and tracking. The Furlough process is handled by the management team and unfortunately the team still keeps scheduling team members as normal as there are no restrictions in place as they are when a worker is set as absent or on annual leave.

    Do you know when the export will be available?


    Regards, Jenny

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Anna,


    Yes, you could use the average weekly earnings for the tax year as per the guidance, you would still need to upload this into the payroll module to pay furloughed hourly employees.


    Jenny- to answer your question, this will not link with the rota display as furloughed employees are not working any hours. We are developing an export to help you with your reporting and information you will need for payroll. This will be linked back to the furlough flag, so please ensure you are flagging anyone who has moved to this status.


    many thanks,



  • Hi @Jenny Wieland​ 


    Hopefully this export will be available in the next week or so, unfortunately we can't be too specific at this stage.


    As soon as we have a further update, we will publish this in the @Covid-19​ group.







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