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Hello,  I need to run a payroll on Thurs ...

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  • Alison Barlow

    Hi {@0053z00000AqUQpAAN}​ 

    Thanks for your questions.


    1 - You are correct. the furlough status is a page to record your employee's furlough status. This will feed into 2 exports that we are also working on. The bulk update screen will also include an export that will give details on all furloughed employees, their start date, contracted or average hours, average pay for hourly employees (for the 2019 tax year according to HMRC guidelines) and the pay rate.


    2 - The release this week will add additional fields to the furlough page including the average earnings for the 2019 tax year based on HMRC guidance.


    3 - Yes, we are also working on an export that will show the furlough pay (if a separate furlough payment type is used), the appropriate ER NIC and the appropriate minimum auto enrolment ER costs. Hopefully this will be available before the end of April.


    I hope this answers your questions.




  • Anonymous User

    Hi Ali


    Thank you so much for the quick response. Reading between the answers, it seems to me that you are potentially suggesting we do another payroll with "estimates" and then hopefully tidy everything in 2 weeks' time with a big catch up and adjustment once the proper calcs can be made. Is that a sensible approach?


    I guess the answer depends on when the release this week is coming as if it's tomorrow then potentially we can still run actuals. Are you able to give a little more guidance on that?


    Thank you


  • Anonymous User

    Thank you. @Saskia Dykstra​  has just talked me through a wonderfully helpful report in Analytics that we can use to get the average pay for the relevant periods.

    I think I will use this, pay an advance and then wait for your full guidance to be released and run a mass correction when it's all ready to do that.


  • Alison Barlow

    Hi @Neil Sebba​ 


    The new fields to the furlough page were released this morning, we need to update the pay averages which will be today/tomorrow. However, the bulk update and exports will not be available until after the Easter break (specific date TBC). I think it would be sensible to run with estimates. If you run the holiday custom report that is detailed in the 52 week holiday calculation release note, it will give you the average hours and daily rate for flexible employees which can be used.


    Kind Regards




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