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Hi All,   Can you please advise if the ...



  • Diane Daruk

    Thanks Sophie. So to be clear, they would receive their usual rate of pay for it, rather than a furlough/capped rate of pay and the taking of the holiday would not interrupt the furlough agreement?

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Diane,


    Thank you for the question. In regards to furlough employees taking the bank holiday as holiday, we haven't see any guidance from about holiday/bank holidays and the job retention scheme. Employees who are flagged as furlough in the system can still have holiday put through the system, although we're aware that customers would not be able to claim this back from the job retention scheme.

    If the bank holiday is booked as a holiday in the system, then flexible and casual employees will be paid for this; for salaried employees they would be paid their salary regardless of working, furlough or holiday, unless you have amended/reduced their salary so please be mindful of this.


    Alternatively we know that the government are allowing holiday to be rolled over to the next 2 years if it cannot be taken so this may be an option for you too.


    Many thanks,


    Solution Director.


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