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Hi all,   Has anyone found a way to repo ...



  • Tsara Taylor

    Thanks for your help @Alison Barlow​ 


    Hope you and the team are all well, the COVID-19 forum is great for trying to keep up with all the changes, it's been very useful

  • Alison Barlow

    Hi {@005D0000009gWMFIA2}​ 


    I had a quick look at your custom report for you and tweaked it a little. When you run it, add 2019 to the tax year box and it will run for you. There are still manual calculations that are required as this report will only give details of payments paid in the tax year.


    HMRC gave new guidance on the calculation late on Friday evening, the link is below and later this morning, an article detailing the steps of the calculation will be published on Communities. We are looking at ways in which we can provide a new average daily rate as per the new guidance for customers to use to make payments, however this is still in progress. More information will be posted to communities as soon as we can.



    Kind Regards




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