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Hi All,   We have just posted a new arti ...



  • Nikki Jones

    Hi- thank you for this. For clarity, if we have already run the furlough export report which automatically calculates the ave pay per period, do we have to calculate the NI payments as outlined in this guidance? There was mention yesterday of an updated export report but is this in place of that updated report?

    Apologies, just want to be clear.

    Thank you.​

  • Gina

    Hi, I have run a Furlough export for employees paid by the rota, I am confused how to use this export for payroll due to the rota end and start dates and the dates the employees were furloughed. Is the export an average of 4 weeks ? do I need to average weekly and add the weekly average (minus 20%) for the furlough weeks to April payrun?


    The more I look at it, the more I am confusing myself.


    Kind regards





  • Nikki Jones

    Understand now -thanks for clarifying Alison.


  • Alison Barlow

    Hi @Nikki Jones​ 

    The export is still the plan, and is in the process of being developed. Once available, it will be available to run for back dated payroll and will calculate according to the new guidelines for previous furlough pay.


    The article has been created to provide a clearer format of the calculations in case any customers are wanting to make a claim prior to our export being available


    Kind Regards



  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Gina,


    You can use the average earnings figure in the export and divide by the number of days in the period (including non-working days) and multiply by the number of days from the furlough date to the end of the period.


    More information to help with furlough calculations is in our article here:


    Many thanks,




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