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Hi,   Please can you advise if it's poss ...


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  • Sophie Waters

    Hi {@005D000000ANO4iIAH}​ and {@005D0000009gO3oIAE}​ 


    Thank you for your questions.


    Unfortunately it isn’t possible to bulk close rotas – rotas would not necessarily need to be created if employees are not scheduled to work, however if you have existing rotas with hours already scheduled these will need to be submitted individually.


    With regards to the holidays, you can remove holidays that have been booked during the furlough period, the easiest way to do this is to go to HR > Holidays & Absences > Employee Holidays > select required date range and filter by location/division if needed > search > select delete tick box on the left for relevant records > delete.


    The furlough tick box in HR has no impact on the rotas therefore will not remove salaries from the wage cost if ticked. Salaries can be removed in the usual way by configuring the job title to be excluded from wage cost – Rotas Module > Administration > Configure Location > select location > Edit Job Title Salary > untick relevant job title > save.


    I hope this helps.






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