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Hi Team,   I am still slightly confused. ...



  • Gemma Stewart

    @Sophie Waters​ Thank you so much for your help.


  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Gemma,


    The report should be accurate enough to use, please bear in mind that it currently uses data up until the 29th February 2020 so if you have any new starters since then, or new starters in February, you may need to do a manual calculation for these employees.


    Just to make you aware, on Thursday we will be releasing an additional value on the furlough page for 'average daily rate' and this is following on from the governments update on the 17th April about how to calculate a daily rate to multiply by the days in the furlough period. We will shortly be publishing the release note for the additional field.


    Whichever value you use from the system you will still need to do the 80% calculation if you are paying the 80% furlough however.


    Many thanks,



  • Hi @gemma stewart​ 


    One of our Fourth Experts is currently looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Thank you for your patience!




  • Gemma Stewart

    @Fourth Community​ please can you provide an update on this?


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