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    Bo Harris

    I agree, but I think a lot of programming would have to be put in place for the software to 'learn' who is a manager and which managers are approved to make changes on what.  Sounds simple, but I think it would actually require a lot to make that happen.  

    Take that one step farther and the GM should be able to see everything their subordinate managers are doing as well.  They should have an 'overview' of all schedules, when they were posted (or not posted :), to do lists, tasks, etc, etc.

    The GM could use it as a place to keep the entire store organized.

    Go one step further and think about an Area Manager trying to make sure multiple stores are staying on track.  They could really use the help to stay organized.  

    Connecting managers to areas of responsibility would drastically help with accountability and organization in lots of areas in Hot Schedules.


    Great Suggestion!!

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    Julie Hiatt

    I agree, it would be nice to have Managers restricted to which schedule that they can post.  As a back up, have the General Manager and above be able to post/repost all schedules.

    Along with this, it would be helpful to have certification expiration notifications go to the scheduling manager.  For instance, our Head Sushi Chef does the Sushi Chef schedule for all locations.  It would be nice for him to receive expiration notifications only for the employees on that schedule.

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