new feature suggestions - esp. re: alerts for managers and team that employees are late/overdue for shifts



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    Christopher Sundgren
    HotSchedules currently has two ways employees can setup alerts for their mobile device.
    • Shift Location is configured in Settings ->Preferences->Notifications. This feature works with the device's location services. Once setup, a push notification is sent if an employee is not within a ~1 mile radius of their workplace 15 minutes before their shift. Currently, this feature is only available for iOS.
    • Employees can sync HotSchedules to the calendar on their phone. Reminders can be set up ranging anywhere from minutes to hours to a day. This is available on both devices.
    HotSchedules also supports push notifications which can alert when employees may go into overtime, have a late clock in or a late clock out. This is available for customers using the WebClock and the thresholds are configured in the Above Store Console.
    Lastly, HotSchedules pleased to announce we'll be releasing mobile edits to staff schedule in Oct 11 release for limited use before it moves on to full rollout.
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