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    Jeremiah Rosenberger

    Hello Elmie,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, but the new formatting is meant to provide a smoother scheduling experience for everyone. In order to narrow down the amount of employees shown on your scheduling page, I would suggest to use the filters options to filter to specific schedules or job codes.

    We always welcome your suggestions to improve our services.


    Thank you!

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    Walter Hastey


    The filters don't change it to make it easy to see if someone is unavailable for the AM shift vs. the PM shift.  It also doesn't change the very light grey the text is written in. If you use the less info then you can't tell who requested off or if they are unavailable.  It's much worse than the old format.  
    I have always said Hotschedules is great for the employees but is not great for the Managers.  Now it's even worse.
    Walter Hastey

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