Multitasking and the good old days



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    Christopher Sundgren (Edited )

    Awe Boo, I was thinking about you just the other day. No particular reason. Maybe it was my framed picture of us sharing a moment of bliss.

    Your narrative writing class is really paying off, so glad you stuck with it. If I'm to read between the lines, I think what you want is a bulk way to approve all those shift transactions especially when it's a single employee asking for the pickup. Or, you just want to eat handfuls of popcorn at a single time. 

    We've got that on our our list of improvements we'd like to make along with searching by employee. Not sure when we'll have either of those available but keep your eye out for these improvements. Speaking of improvements, we're nearing the date to turn on the new My Schedule update on the web that we tested during our visit. Looking forward to rekindling our relationship when your store gets the update.

    XOXO and finger guns,


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    David Darnell

    Hi Erik,

    Unfortunately, this is not supported functionality at the moment. I would be more than happy to submit this suggestion on your behalf as an enhancement/modification request for our Product Team. These requests are reviewed and prioritized quarterly.

    We always welcome your suggestions to improve our services.

    Thank you!


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