Add a column for Last Years numbers



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    Christopher Sundgren

    Hi Bo, thanks for that suggestion. What business problem is this solving? In other words, when looking at prior weeks that have been forecasted, how would seeing your prior year actuals help you forecast your future weeks?

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    Bo Harris

    Well first, everything we do is seeing if we beat last years numbers, not forecasted numbers.  Forecasting is just a guess, granted, hopefully it is an educated guess, but all it will ever be is a guess.

    What I am personally wanting to see is if my AM vs PM sales are the better or worse versus last year.  It helps me know where to apply marketing and specials.

    I also think being able to compare your forecasted guest to last years numbers helps you see trends of up or down so your next forecast might be more accurate.


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    Shanny Covey

    I agree that it would be helpful to see last year's numbers in completed week's

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    Janelle Griswold (Edited )

    I agree that is what I am looking for right now and thought the same thing. The forecasting is nice, but when it comes to seeing how our restaurant is growing and improving it is useless. It really only helps with writing a schedule and placing orders which is very helpful, but at the moment seeing the actual sales differences between years is what I need to estimate how much money I can spend on equipment, etc.. 

    Also, being able to see the totals of AM and PM sales daily would be a lot more helpful for scheduling as well then by the hour for me. I can do a quick addition but it already done would just be easier to glance at

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