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    Michael Triece

    Hello Trey,


    Thanks for contacting HotSchedules! I appreciate that feedback; that is a function that is not available on the mobile apps. What some of our customer will do is create a task list that serves as their safe count on the Finances page. This also lets you completely customize the look of the Finances, and what fields you want tracked.

    Let us know if you have any questions on this functionality.


    Thank you!

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    Julie Hiatt

    The task lists can be clunky to create, and it seems redundant to have to build a Task List for something that already exists.  I agree that being able to access the Safe Counts, etc from the app would be extremely helpful.  We have had power outages or internet outages where it would have been nice for the managers to be able to complete their safe counts from their phone or the store iPad (with data plan).


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