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    Leah Kuhn

    Hello Trey,


    I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is not currently a function of the software. Unfortunately an employee does have to have access to logbook to be on that list. However, I would be glad to submit this suggestion on your behalf as an enhancement/modification request for our Product Team. These requests are reviewed and prioritized quarterly.We always welcome your suggestions to improve our services.


    Thank you!

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    Julie Hiatt

    I agree, an employee drop down in the task list would be helpful for the exact reasons that Trey listed.



    I have found that utilizing the Task Lists for something like this works well.  There are a few different ways within the Task List to document which employee completed the task.  There is a Control named Text Field where the name of the employee could be entered, or there is a control named Employee that gives that drop down feature.  Hopefully that work around can help you too.



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