Option to save schedule notes to repeat to future schedules



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    Leah Kuhn

    Hello Val,


    Thank you for contacting customer care! I apologize for the inconvenience, this is not currently a function of the software. I can however submit an enhancement/modification request on your behalf to our Product Team. These requests are reviewed and prioritized quarterly. We always welcome feedback and suggestions to improve our products.


    Thank you!

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    John Hidalgo

    Johnny hidalgo

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    Julie Hiatt


    Have you tried using the Employee Notes under the Staff tab?  Those are attached to the Employee and you can view them from when you are working on the schedule.  

    And for upcoming availability change, you can assign a start date to an availability.  I know that you can have at least two, but I believe it is up to six... can someone from HotSchedules confirm?  With school starting in the next month, I have our managers encouraging their staff to submit any availability changes in HotSchedules now so that we can plan ahead for hiring and staffing needs in the fall.


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