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    Christopher Sundgren (Edited )

    Hi Caleb,

    My name is Chris Sundgren and I’m one of the Product Managers here at HotSchedules. As you're aware, we released two new updates to some very old features, Shift Approvals and Auto Pickup and Release. Based on the feedback, we apparently got Auto Pickup and Release correct but missed the boat on some of the functionality for Shift Approvals.

    We take your feedback very seriously. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding back two of the features we left out of the initial release:

    • Ability to view weekly schedules for those employees involved in swaps or pickups
    • Expanding all cards by default 
    • Auto select single pickups (meaning only one employee is picking up the shift
    • Ability to view the location of a scheduled shift when approving swaps

    Are there other areas of the update that are causing you pain? 

    Our fabulous design team have come up with a solution that I hope will “wow” you. In the mean time, take the opportunity to explore all the features of the new shift approvals page. Here’s a helpful hint for you...any blue text you see on the screen acts as a hyperlink to display hidden information. It’s kinda like finding all those cleverly hidden Easter eggs in the latest Avenger’s movie.

    As I said, I value our customers and the feedback (cause hey, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be writing this post). In an ideal world, we would test new features or updates with every user before we release to make sure we got it right...the first time. Here’s where you can the link below and sign up to help “design HotSchedules”. Remember that fab design team I mentioned? They’re looking for users they can call upon to test out concepts, ideas and prototypes.

    Thanks for voicing your opinion and be on the look out for a new “My Plate” in the coming months!

    Chris Sundgren

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