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Reviewing Shifts




  • Official comment
    Miguel Benitez

    Hi Jessica!

    Thank you for the great suggestion! I agree it would be beneficial to have both of these functionalities. Our Product team reviews these requests quarterly for future enhancement/modification. Thank you for your feedback as we always welcome suggestions to improve functionality. 

    Best regards,

  • Jessica Kusak

    Is there any update on if this will happen?  I also feel  it would be great to be able to approve from the punch record screen for each employee each day.  I do not like having to go to review punches.  This screen is very bulky and doesn't work well.  It also needs to remember where you are.  You have to refilter and adjust each time to go back to punch records.  You also cannot approve shifts if they were not thrown into the review punches section so when reviewing all punches, it is hard to see if it was looked at or not yet.  


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