2 Weeks notice / Last day to work



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    Leah Ivory

    Good Morning Bo,


    It is truly stellar that you have so many ideas on how we can improve and are being vocal about them. As a 2 weeks notice is an industry standard, some type of tool for it would be very beneficial and I am gladly submitting this as an enhancement request. 


    What we do see people doing as a work around is adding a certification to the employee's account called "2 Weeks Notice" with an expiration of the staff member's last day. This will give all managers a notification that the "certification is about to expire" so they have visibility. If you would like to implement this workaround in the meantime, please feel free to shoot us an email at customercare@hotschedules.com and we will gladly see what we can do for your site.


    Thank you!

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    Julie Hiatt

    This is a great idea!  The work around with the certification is an okay suggestion, but something in the availability would be really nice.

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