Can Managers release a shift for an employee or at least see that it has been released?



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    Leah Ivory

    Hi Bo! 

    Managers do indeed have a report called "Current Shift Releases" where they can see all released shifts. Fellow employees will also see "Pickup Shift" next to any shift that has been released so that they can pick it up for coverage. 


    Currently it is up to the employee to release their own shift if they can not make it in. However, we fully welcome feedback and I can gladly submit this as an enhancement request for you to see what can be done in the future as far as having Managers release shifts for their staff members.


    Thank you!

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    Julie Hiatt

    I agree that an indicator on the shift in the scheduling tab and perhaps on the roster would be very helpful.  The Current Shift Releases report is nice, but not the most convenient on the fly.


    A helpful note for Bo, you can change the shift to a "House" shift and repost the schedule.  You just won't be able to see who the shift was assigned to before you changed it to a House shift with out looking at the Schedule Audit Report.

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    Bo Harris

    The problem with that is in my company I get reviewed on how close we can run to what we schedule. If I put something back in a house shift, it doesn't show as part of my 'scheduled hours' anymore. So if I get someone to pick it up at the last minute, it looks like I used more labor than what I originally scheduled.

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