Very slow loading on scheduling tab



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    Leah Ivory

    Hi Sheldon!


    Thank you for the feedback. Scheduling ease is definitely one of our main goals here. While I am unsure which corner we could cut currently to improve the speed, I will gladly note the feedback so we can see what can be done in the future. 

    I would also advise perhaps clearing cookies + cache on your browser to see if it helps at all in the meantime. It's worth a shot!


    Thank you!

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    Bo Harris

    I have to agree.  I would vote for less of the fancy graphics in a trade for better speed.  

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    Joseph Marone

    I second that request BO Harris.

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    Sheldon Calicott

    Hello Leah,

    Thank you for responding to my request. I have tried clearing the cookies and cache in my browser and still am experiencing very slow speed. I am approving request off's and have had to wait up to 20 seconds for it to process one approval. And while that does not seem like a very long time, when there are over 50 requests in a week it adds up quickly. When other websites load videos and larger files within a second it seems there is something wrong with Hot Schedules.

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    Please work on this. Since I have many schedules to make, I bought a new computer thinking that would help out, but it still loads considerably slow. It does seem that there is something wrong with the way Hotschedules loads content.

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    Sheldon Calicott

    I find it very frustrating that multiple people are clearly requesting the same resolution yet no attempt is made at correcting the issue. I would much rather sacrifice some of the extra features and "lipstick" to save hours off my scheduling. Having to wait 15-20 seconds after every scheduling change is unacceptable. It has been tested on high performing computers, brand new computers and still the problem exists.

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