Modifying Employee Order in Scheduler



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    Taylor Young


    To alter the view for employees within the scheduler, I would advise utilizing the filters on the page. This can be set to specific schedules, jobs, and/or locations specific to what you are needing. If you are assigning a shift and wish to see every employee available, you can select the shift and then hit "s" on your keyboard which will display all employees that are able to work that shift to ensure you are not having to look through the entire schedule. If these do not meet your needs, please reach out to our support team by either our phone number (877.720.8578) or email ( ) and we can take a look at how to meet your needs based of off the configuration for your site.

    Thank you!


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    Brooke Slone

    Yes please 

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    Julie Hiatt

    Brooke, we have Shared Employees and have added the initials of the locations name in front of the employee's names under their Preferred Name.  (Ex, Drew works mostly at Union Heights so his Preferred Name in HotSchedules is UH Drew)

    I then choose to display by Preferred Name on the Scheduler, then filter for the schedule I am working on (Server, or Host, etc) and sort by alphabetical order.  This groups all the Union Heights servers together.

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