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    Kane Mobley



    The scheduler provides total information at a glance view.

    If you would like to further break down the reporting in the scheduling window you would need to go to the Reporting tab and run Proforma reporting. If you would like this added to current requests I will be more then happy to add this to the current roster of suggestions. These are all very valuable feed back for us.


    Thank you for taking the time to think about what works best with you and the scheduler to help us improve our products. We would be nothing with out the support of users like you!


    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

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    Bo Harris

    Use your filters first, then look at the totals.  It will only show what you have it filtered to.  


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    Sheldon Calicott

    Bo, that is a good work around to get what I was looking for. Thanks for posting. It will just be more time consuming to add a filter every time I want to check numbers for each day. I feel like there is so much we can do in hot schedules and for the most part it is a really great application, but the amount of steps needed to view or complete something is inefficient. I strongly recommend they hire someone to clean up and reduce complexity in their system. When a user provides more help and support than their customer support there is something wrong.

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    Bo Harris (Edited )

    Oh, for daily numbers I use the Labor Proforma report.  You are correct, that would be a pain to use filters to get daily info.



    It breaks all your schedules out at the bottom.


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