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    Leah Ivory

    Hi there!


    Thank you very much for your feedback. While we try to have the different shift options (times, job codes) available during the setup of auto pickup/release, a placeholder that allowed you to review the picked up shift before committing is an excellent idea. I will gladly submit this as an enhancement request on your behalf.


    Have a great day!

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    s c a r e b e l l u m (Edited )

    The user would highlight one or more shifts for the week for which she wasn't already scheduled, and the hotschedules app would send a system msg notifying her of the newly available shift when it is dropped.

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    jessica connor

    I defly agree with this post. HS recently asked for feedback, when I first logged on. I stated that, I feel the HS app. should be free of charge.. for one. for two, since I will not pay for the app., I am only enrolled for text alerts.. which are very limited. they only state - at first - that you have picked up 'soandso' shift. it would be very helpful to me, if it also included the time/date, avoiding having to log into the website for info. there has been numerous times, I have 'auto-pickedup' a shift, and it was approved very quickly.. but, I was actually NOT available for that shift. but, did not have the chance to cancel. majority of the time, I am available for any/all shift pickups.. so, when approved text alert comes thru - would be convenient if it also included time/date.

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