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    Jeremiah Rosenberger

    Hello Philippe,

    Currently there is not a report in HotSchedules specifically targeted for tracking tardiness, but you could also use the Employee Hours report available on your site. This can be run to view scheduled times for employees as well as their actual clock in time. 

    I will be happy to submit your Tardiness Report suggestion to our development team. These enhancement requests are reviewed quarterly and prioritized based on need and functionality. Maybe you will see this report in the future.

    Alternatively, depending on your site and if it is integrated with your POS, it is possible to set up punctuality controls within your POS to configure parameters when employees are able to clock in without manager approval. Ie 5 minutes before and after the scheduled shift. 

    If you would like more information regarding setting up this function, please reach out to our Customer Care team at 877.720.8578 or


    Thank you!

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    Bo Harris

    I agree.  It would be very useful.

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    Amanda Shaw


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    Craig Haley

    This is essential for our organization. 

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