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    Chris McKay

    Hello Morgan,

    Currently, when a shift is released, the shift is available for all employees, provided they're associated with the required schedule/job, until the official management decision has been made. If you have 12 employees attempting to pick up a shift, technically, all of them are viable candidates for it. On the management side, if you approve the 1 employee that is supposed to pick it up, the system will automatically deny the pickup for all other employees attempting to take the shift. This allows for all employees to have a fair chance at grabbing those extra hours.


    As far as the notifications for when a shift is released, this request is not something that we offer within HotSchedules, but I will be sending this to our Development Team so they may be able to incorporate this into a future release. Thank you for your suggestion, and please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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