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Agency Job Titles Accruing Pensions and Holidays in Monthly Wage Analysis report


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  • Sam Spencer

    Hi Cat,

    I hope you are well.

    I can confirm that as long as the job title is set to agency, which these are, what show son the analysis does not feed through to payroll and is only there visually. 
    Therefore, the system still displays accrual, but if you go to their holidays in their profile you see it's set to the employee not being entitled to holidays. 
    I believe this would be a good idea to raise on our ideas page, in regards to not having agency accrual displayed on the analysis: 
    Here is the direct link to the Customer Success Portal Ideas Page (you’ll need to log in to raise an idea and vote). 
    There is a helpful ‘how to’ post pinned to the top of each Idea section to help you familiarise yourself with the ideas process.
    This is a similar ideas request that refers to agency staff accruing pensions:
    Agency/Contractors – Fourth & HotSchedules Customer Success Portal
    This is the same issue as holidays.
    I hope this helps to clear any confusion. 
    Have a lovely day!


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