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Applied Invoices Not Showing As Posted on Unbilled Receiving Report


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  • David Fournier

    Hi Geoffrey Sagrans,

    Thank you for your query. Once an invoice is applied & the receiving instance (meaning Receiving 1 vs. Receiving 2 vs. Receiving 3 in a multiple-receiving scenario) is posted, the record should not be visible on the Unbilled Receiving Report & General Ledger Export, if applicable.

    As an example, if there is a multiple-receiving scenario & an invoice is posted against Receiving 1 but not Receiving 2, then Receiving 1 will no longer show but Receiving 2 will.

    If you have confirmed that this is not the case for you, I can convert this post to a Support Ticket which you can then provide the specifics to our Technical Team to look into further with you.

    Please let us know.





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