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Holiday Entitlement - Pro Rata



  • Emily Scott

    Katie Nutter - any support in pointing this post to the right team would be great! 

  • Nikita Birdsey

    Good morning, 

    I hope you are well. 

    This currently wouldn't be possible on the system without either the Global setting being switched on which will then add increments for all job titles that have the increments set up or manually adjusting the allowance allowed for the employees for each year. 

    As this currently isn't possible on the system, for this, I would advise to raise an ideas request to see if this is possible for future implementation on the system. 

    Ideas on this page can be voted for future development by other users, including yourself. Please see link below to create your idea. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!



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