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Assistance on Upload Sheet



  • Brenden Goodwin

    Hi Emily,

    Thank you for your post!

    I can confirm that the HR data upload template is the correct one to use.

    Within this template, you'll find a "Job Title Template" tab where you can input FTE and basic holiday allowances.

    Additionally, in the Employee tab, you can enter individual holiday overrides if needed.

    Regarding the ESS query, in the system's current functionality, this is something that would need to be managed internally.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards,
    Brenden Goodwin | Tier 1 WFM Support Specialist

  • Emily Scott

    Hi Brenden, 

    thanks for your reply on this. 

    So for confirmation: 

    • Holidays on Job Titles - any length of service accrual requires to be added manually as only base entitlement is on the upload sheet. 
    • For the employee upload - from my understanding, once the record is created it will automatically trigger an email to the employee. How would we stop this happening manually and manage internally? Guidance on this would be appreciated as we don't want the employees having access to ESS straight away but want the records uploaded.



  • Simon Montalvo

    Hi Emily,

    Regarding the length of service increments, please see the link below where you'll find a template named "5.05 Holiday Increments by Job Title-2023-1.xlsx". The data fields available to be loaded from this template are 'Years of Service' and 'Increment':

    In regards to delaying employee access to ESS until their start date, this process will need to be managed internally. Currently, there is no option to schedule a date for the Fourth Account to be created. To avoid access to ESS before the employee's start date, the 'Create Fourth Account' option should remain unchecked during employee onboarding. You can then create the Fourth Account manually via HR > Users > Fourth Account Management on the required date.

    Best regards,
    Simon Montalvo


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