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product yield changes when used in recipe


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  • Alex Pegg

    Hi Elaine!

    So if a product is used in a recipe for the first time, as the yield has never been populated before, it takes that value and it effectively acts as the "default" value.

    Any modifications to the product in other recipes after this point doesn't impact the Yield for that product.

    The only way it can be updated after the initial yield value is entered, is if the yield is updated at CP/Property using the sync settings.

    For example if the property is CP controlled (Product Yield is set to "Always Sync" under Data Synchronization settings), you can navigate to the product at CP under Property > Products > Select the product in question > select the Recipe Function on the product bar > A little window opens which allows you to modify the "Default" Yield value.

    If the property isn't CP controlled, you should be able to modify this the same way at property level.

    I hope this helps!

    Many thanks,


    Tier 2 Support Specialist (Adaco)


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