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    Leslie Martinez Sanchez

    Hi Drew,

    I suspect that the partial availability is due to having a single day part for your site, our team can review this for you if you'd like to email us your site name, and some screenshots for review. My suspicion is that is you had more than 1 day part you wouldn't see the availability displayed that way.

    The reason for a request can be seen when you hover over a cell or one you double click on a time slot as if you were going to create a shift.

    If that is unclear or you need additional information please feel free to email or call us for a more detailed review and response. 


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    Drew Smith
    Attached are two screenshots - both showing the view on our schedule. Our restaurant is Uchi Dallas, 2817 Maple Ave, Dallas, 75201. 
    The second screenshot also shows the cursor hovering over a request off. The reason is not popping up. When we double click on the cell, it does show the reason when we hover over the request. 
    Also, the /? key is not bringing up the hotkeys help window. Our popups are not blocked and there is no indication on our browsers (Chrome and IE) that there is a popup initiated. 
    Thank you for looking into these!

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