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Existing Absence Must be Deleted Before Creating Shift


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  • Rob Gouveia

    Hello Kayly Browne,

    To Submit a rota T&A data is required to be approved however in your mentioned circumstances the employee has clocked in causing the system to have a conflict.

    This conflict is not resolvable but you can bypass the T&A approval requirement for the submission.

    This bypass would result in the holiday or absence still in place and the T&A still present but the rota submitted.

    Using an administrator account you will be able to locate your organisation settings:

    Mine does look slightly different.

    Once locating the setting:

    You should have this unchecked and save.

    Then check the actual box for the day effected.

    Once checked like so:

    Please remember to check the organisation setting and save since you still want to ensure submissions to the payroll are sending through the correct data.



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