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National Minimum Wage Increases


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  • Brenden Goodwin


    Thank you for your post.

    I can confirm that at present batch updates including the National Minimum Living Wage Rate Update functionality will only update the rota wage cost once the effective date of the change has been reached.

    For example, if an effective date of 01/04 is present, this is the date on which the wage cost would update.

    It is possible to manually update rates via the employment details page which will then update in advance of the change, however I appreciate this is time-consuming compared to the batch update.

    If you would like to see this functionality adjusted, I would advise raising an ideas request for this.

    Ideas on this page can be voted for future development by other users, including yourself.

    Please see the link below to create your idea.
    Ideas WFM

    For more information regarding the NMW/NLW Rate Update functionality, please see below:

    WFM UK: Using the National Minimum Living Wage Rate Update

    All the best,

    Brenden Goodwin | Tier 1 WFM Support Specialist


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