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Report that shows value of annual leave


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  • Simon Montalvo

    Hi Rosie,

    There is no specific report that will show Holiday YTD total pay figures, however there are a few ways users can extract this data from the system:

    - Run the Pay Run Report found on the Page Links of any past pay-run:

    Payroll > Pay Runs > Past Pay Run List > Select Company/Pay Basis > Page Links > Pay Run Report > With Pay Elements

    Then export to excel and filter by employee and payment type.

    - Alternatively, users can run the Holiday YTD report from HR which will provide the total number of days taken from a given period in time. However, this report does not provide a holiday rate or total holiday pay - this will need to be extracted on the HR holiday tab for flexible employees or calculated for Full-Time / Part-Time employees.

    HR > Reports > View Reports

    If neither of the above provide sufficient data or require too much manual labour, I would suggest raising an ideas request for this specific report to be created on our Customer Success Portal Ideas Page 

    Kind Regards,

    Simon Montalvo


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