Printing reports from the ASC



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    Carlos Ayala

    Hello Sean,

    We appreciate your feedback on this issue and assure you that our development team is working on adding this feature. I do not have a date when it will be available yet, but as soon as it is made known we will relay the message to you.

    Thank you for using our Forum and have a great day!

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    Stacy Belanger

    Thank you for submitting this suggestion. Currently, you are able to print reports in the ASC. In the top right section of each report, there is the Print Report or Export to Excel options. We hope this helps! 



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    Sean Sullivan - POS/IT Support

    The ability to print the data from the Task List Completion Reports is not available yet.  Being able to print/export this data for review by those members of our team without ASC privileges is important to be able to improve usage of the task lists, hold people accountable, etc.

    When will the printing/exporting function be available for the Task List Completion report?

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