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    Michael Triece

    Hello Fernando,


    Thanks for contacting HotSchedules.  Sorry to hear you're having some issues with the new Scheduling tool; I've written out some suggestions for your concerns below:


    Light font for people working other shifts: Unfortunately there is not an option built into HotSchedules to change the presentation of this feature, so I've submitted an enhancement request for this option.  Alternatively, you can adjust your browser's zoom settings (hold 'Ctrl' and press '+') to make the cells bigger.

    Divided shifts: The shifts are now consolidated so that each day is one cell, however it may assist you if you filter for a particular time while you are scheduling for that time of day.  For example, you could click on the 'Filter' button and click on the 'Lunch' daypart.  This will take any shifts that are scheduled for other times of day out of your view.

    The "Z" button (trading shifts): I think you will be able to get what you need here through the cut/paste function.  Simply click on a shift, hit the "X" key on your keyboard, then click on the cell you want to move it to and click the "V" key on your keyboard.

    Preview option: You can get a roster report by clicking on the Reports button at the top right of the scheduler.  This will show you a roster for the day broken up by shift (Breakfast/lunch/dinner) and you can navigate to different days from there.  You could also run a Schedule Report from your Reporting tab (located under Schedules and Rosters).  This will show you a similar thing but for a date range that you designate.


    I hope these options help save you time and effort in making your schedule.  If you want to discuss any of these solutions, or have any other questions on the new Scheduling tool, our Customer Care team is here to help.  You can reach us at 877.720.8578 or



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