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1 Purchase Order delivered with 2 Invoices


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  • Mohamed Rimzan

    Hi Randall Alonso

    Thank you for the question.


    In the core Adaco solution, it is possible to post two invoices against one purchase order through Adaco: Receiving Corrections


    Please follow the steps below ;

    • Post the 1st invoice against the PO with full value as per the supplier invoice
    • When you receive the 2nd invoice,

              - Go to Receiving > Receiving Correction > Adjust the quantity and update the 1st invoice amount to be in line with the updated PO value > Save. Now, the PO value will be according to the 1st invoice

              - Add the adjusted quantity back in the PO and apply the 2nd invoice amount > Save

    • You will now be able to see two invoices when you click / open the PO. This will apply the same on the Account Payable export page.


    I trust that the above will resolve your question.


    Thank you




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